Investment Fraud for International Residents

Not only do we represent clients across the entire United States, but we are particularly experienced in representing those clients residing internationally with disputes within the United States.

The attorneys at Patil Law are a valuable resource for investors outside of the United States who have made investments within the United States. Our attorneys and staff can accommodate foreign language speaking clients. We welcome inquiries from people who speak other languages and interpretation services can be arranged easily.

Our international investor clients have come from around the world, including the following areas:

  • Europe
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Asia
  • Other parts of North America

Our international investor attorneys have represented foreign trusts, individuals, and businesses in court and arbitration. Not only do we discreetly represent your interests, but we also aim to limit your need for unnecessary travel to the United States. We serve our international clients via video conferencing, phone, fax, and email.

Safety and Confidentiality

Safety of assets leads many international investors to invest in the United States. We understand our international clients’ needs for confidentiality for the sake of both financial and personal security.

Contact our Investment Fraud Lawyers Today

Your individual and business financial life will be kept private throughout our relationship. Take the first step and contact us to schedule a confidential consultation at your convenience. Our securities fraud attorneys are deeply experienced and committed to achieving the results you are seeking. You can contact us by phone at 800-950-6553, via our secure online form, or by email.