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What is Portfolio Mismanagement?

People hire an investment portfolio manager for various reasons, such as securing their dreams of a comfortable retirement, funding their children’s education, or perhaps saving to afford an adventurous lifestyle.

Clients put their faith and confidence in portfolio managers, but what happens when that trust is misplaced? When they stray from the agreed-upon financial plan, make reckless decisions or neglect to adapt to changing market conditions, their clients’ investment portfolios will inevitably take a nosedive and result in losses.

This is the heart-wrenching reality of portfolio mismanagement. It’s a betrayal of the trust you placed in your investment manager, which is a failure to uphold the fiduciary duty they owed you.

Common Examples of Portfolio Mismanagement

Portfolio mismanagement can take many forms, and it’s essential for investors to be aware of the common types to know when they should seek legal advice:

Churning or Excessive Trading: This occurs when a broker excessively trades in a client’s account to generate higher commissions for themselves, disregarding the client’s best interests and investment objectives.

Failure To Supervise: Brokerage firms have a responsibility to oversee their employees and ensure that they are acting in the best interests of their clients. Unfortunately, some firms neglect this crucial duty, allowing rogue brokers to engage in misconduct unchecked, leaving investors vulnerable to financial ruin.

Misrepresentation or Omission: Stockbrokers are required to provide their clients with accurate and complete information about investments. Misrepresenting or omitting material facts to influence investment decisions is a form of mismanagement.

Over-concentration (Failure to Diversify): This happens when a broker invests a significant portion of a client’s portfolio in a single security, sector, or asset class, exposing the client to excessive risk. This can be a form of mismanagement if the broker fails to disclose the risks associated with over-concentration or if it goes against the client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Ponzi Schemes: In this type, a stockbroker promises high returns to investors but uses money from new investors to pay off earlier investors, creating an unsustainable cycle that inevitably collapses.

Unauthorized Trading: When a broker makes trades in a client’s account without obtaining prior consent or authorization, it is considered unauthorized trading and is a clear violation of the client’s trust and confidence.

Unsuitable Investments: Brokers have a duty to recommend investments that align with their clients’ risk tolerance, financial goals, and investment objectives. Recommending unsuitable investments that are too risky or complex for a particular client is a form of mismanagement.

If you suspect that your financial advisor has engaged in any of these practices or has otherwise failed to follow your investment goals as outlined in your portfolio, it’s crucial to take action.

A skilled portfolio mismanagement lawyer from Patil Law can assess your situation, help you determine if you have grounds for a complaint, and guide you through the process of seeking recourse through the FINRA arbitration process.

How Can You Recover Losses From Portfolio Mismanagement?

When you entrust your financial future to a professional advisor, you have every right to expect that they will manage your investment portfolio with the utmost care, skill, and integrity.

However, when your trust is betrayed, and you suffer significant losses due to your advisor’s misconduct or negligence, it’s essential to know that you have legal options for recourse:

FINRA Arbitration

Filing a FINRA arbitration complaint is a powerful tool for holding your financial advisor accountable and seeking restitution for the losses you’ve endured. By initiating this process, you are asserting that your advisor’s actions, whether direct or indirect, are responsible for the financial harm you’ve suffered.

One of the financial industry’s key advantages is the existence of comprehensive documentation. During the FINRA arbitration proceedings, your broker or adviser will be required to provide a detailed explanation and justification for the decisions they made regarding your investment portfolio.

This transparency is crucial in determining whether your advisor acted in your best interests or breached their fiduciary duty.

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