Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Security Should be your Utmost Priority

Privacy and data protection are among the biggest challenges for businesses and individuals today. Data breaches and privacy missteps can lead to costly, unanticipated expenses and business disruptions, as well as regulatory enforcement actions and class-action lawsuits. Cyber attacks affect every industry and business in today’s society.

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How Likely Are You to Experience a Data Breach?

The number of cyber security incidents is on the rise. A consumer’s personal information is accessed every minute by unauthorized users, according to some estimates. These data breaches affect millions of people every year. Protecting customer information should be a top priority for companies, particularly financial institutions.

Hackers have stolen millions of dollars in cryptocurrency and other digital assets in recent data breaches. Most people are at risk of having their sensitive personal data stolen if adequate safeguards are not in place.

There have been instances in which unauthorized users have obtained access to personal information, including names, birth dates, children information, passwords, and social security numbers. Financial accounts can be accessed, credit lines opened or closed, or unlawful purchases made with this data.

Data Breach Losses

Customers who have been affected by a data breach frequently receive notifications from the company directly. Contact Patil Law for a free consultation if you have been informed that your personal information was leaked or compromised during a security breach. You might be able to join a class action lawsuit or get reimbursed for losses caused by identity theft.

Which Businesses Have Experienced Significant Data Breaches?

Cybersecurity incidents and data breaches are susceptible to the majority of businesses, regardless of size. The security breach could be catastrophic, costing customers millions of dollars, depending on the kind and size of the institution.

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