Securities Fraud and Consumer Class Action Lawsuits

We represent clients across the entire United States as well as those clients residing internationally with disputes within the United States.

A securities class action lawsuit allows a single or small group of investors to pursue claims against a wrongdoer on behalf of all similarly situated and harmed individuals. Likewise, a consumer class action combines claims of a large number of consumers into one legal action against a commercial entity.

Patil Law is a nationwide law firm, and we represent United States and foreign investors in class action litigation involving securities fraud as well as consumer and commercial matters. Contact us at 800-950-6553 to schedule a private consultation regarding your potential class action claim. You may initiate the class action or you may join an existing class action already initiated by others.

Why Class Actions?

A class action provides an efficient way to resolve a large-scale dispute. Rather than burden the court system with hundreds and sometimes thousands of individual lawsuits, a class action serves to consolidate all victims into one case. This avoids the massive waste of resources that would result if plaintiffs filed thousands of individual lawsuits involving identical issues.

Through a class action, defendants’ resources are preserved because they only have to defend one case, rather than hundreds or thousands of cases. Class actions also help ensure consistent results, rather than conflicting results which could happen if thousands of plaintiffs filed their own individual cases. Class action lawsuits are particularly effective when each victim’s damages are relatively small, making it economically feasible to pursue your case (where individually, it would not be the case).

Should You Initiate or Join a Class Action Case Seeking to Recover Investment Losses or to Right Wrongs Committed Against Consumers?

  • Is your securities fraud case unique enough and large enough to warrant its own arbitration or litigation? Or, rather, should it form the basis of a class action lawsuit which will include many other investors who suffered similar losses?
  • Is your consumer complaint too small on its own to justify the expense of a lawsuit – but when grouped together with other consumers’ similar complaints, compelling enough to bring a class action lawsuit?

Patil Law’s attorneys are a valuable resource for investors or consumers considering initiating or joining class action lawsuits against brokerage firms or other commercial entities.

We encourage you to discuss the facts and circumstances behind your investment losses or consumer fraud losses with our experienced attorneys. We serve clients across the entire United States and even beyond. You can reach us via phone at 800-950-6553, via our secure online portal, or via email.